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From 4ZA Stratos to Zonda or Scirocco?

Hi all,

I'm currently riding a Lapierre alloy Tiagra road bike, thinking of getting a Ridley carbon bike which comes with 4ZA Stratos. I also thought of getting the wheel upgrade to Zonda or Scirocco.

Can you guys advise the quality of 4ZA Stratos?
Would the upgrade to Zonda or Scirocco show significant improvement? Worth the money?
Or I should save the money for a higher grade wheelset next round?

If Zonda or Scirocco upgrade prove significant, how should I decide on whether Zonda or Scirocco? (Scirocco is around 100 pounds cheaper than Zonda)

Thanks! And welcome me to your cycling club :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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