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I am getting back into riding after a three year hiatus. I used to ride about 30 miles a day with 60-70 on the weekends. I have the same set up and saddle on my bike as I had when riding 3 years ago so I know this is not the issue and I've not gained any weight so I know that is not it either.

I decided to head out on Friday for a ride and went 30 miles. I took Saturday off and went again on Sunday for 30. I feel great - it helps that I've been running 8 miles every other day, so I don't find myself tired at all nor are my legs, arms, back sore - except for my sit bones. I wanted to go for an easy 15 mile ride today and they were so sore that I could not imagine going out even for an hour. My thought is that this soreness will go away after some time - I do not remember being this sore when I was riding regularly - however, I'm wondering how long this might take if I am riding approximately 30 miles every other day (hopefully they won't be too sore to do that). Thanks.

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