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gutpile said:
Is it just my gummed up pc and ISP, or are you finding that navigating around RBR has slowed to a crawl. Seems like it takes a minute or so to close a thread visit and pull up another.
No it is not just you in spite of the previous post.

Since the "upgrade" it has become unbearable. I can leave and go make coffee sometimes.

I use Mac and Windows, Cable at home, LAN at work. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Camino -> makes no difference at all.

All platforms, any browser, any network. like watching grass grow, it has become so bad that I sometimes just shut the computer off and walk away from RBR.

Everything else works fine, even "gasp" other forums. Don't know what happened, but it is bad.

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I haven't experienced any problems except being unexpectedly logged out once in a while, which I have come to accept. It's still fast from where I sit, and I'm probably sitting farther from the RBR server than you :)
Cheers, Wayne

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I noticed several days ago that it was taking a long time for pages to load and sometimes the screen was freezing up and I'd have to close out and reopen RBR. Every time it happened, that BellSouth banner ad was at the top of the page. It happened in Firefox and IE. Since that banner ad disappeared it hasn't happened anymore.

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I've had the same issue......

it is definatly the slowest site I a large margin.

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