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Considering getting a Ridley x-fire and looking for an opion on the size.

I ride a road bike that is 60 c-t, 58.5 tt, 185mm HT(with headset). 100mm stem, with about 3.5cm of spacers, stem level. Touch over 6', but long legs.

It looks like the Ridley 56 c-c(60 c-t) is probably the best fit, but it has only a 56 tt, i.e. HT, seat tube, etc are pretty much the same as my road bike. Would probably go with 110 stem. And point the stem up with about the same amount of spacers to get a better cx fit.

Or would the 58 Ridley be better in that the head tube would be taller, 1cm shorter tt. The 2cm taller seattube is a little bothersome.

My opinion that the 56 is a better fit in agreement with readers with more experience?
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