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I'm looking at a Kestrel RT700 from BD. My primary use would be solo and group rides with some centuries thrown in to break up the monotony. I did 10 or so triathlons back in college days when I bought my first bike and would like to get back into that as well. I PMd Mike(BikesDirect) to see what his suggestion was for sizing. I went through the Colorado Cyclist sizing as well as the Wrench Science sizing and both seem to indicate that I need a 56cm CC bike. Here is the output from Wrench Science(

WS Recommended Sizes
Frame Size center-to-center: 56 cm
Frame Size center-to-top: 58 cm
Overall Reach: 71.62 cm
Saddle Height: 76.26 cm
Handlebar Width: 46 cm

Your Measurements
Height: 71.00 in
Sternum Notch: 57.50 in
Inseam Length: 34.00 in
Arm Length: 29.75 in
Shoulder Width: 18.75 in
Flexiblity: 4
Weight: 185.00 lbs
Foot Size: 9.00 USMens

So, I see that the Kestrel RT700 comes in 55cm and 57cm CC. I tend to have a longer upper body and longer arms than an average person 5'11". I currently ride an 18 y/o DiamondBack Centurion MasterTG that is 58cm CT.

Going and test riding a Kestrel in my area is going to be tough plus I don't really feel right test riding a bike at the LBS and then mail ordering, but that's probably another thread that has been beat up and down I'm sure. ;) Anyone out there with roughly my measurements with an RT700?

I checked the other posts and didn't really see what I was looking for(maybe it doesn't exist?).


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frame size...

Frame size numbers have really become worthless these days. There are so many ways to measure the same thing, that one brand's 52 is another's 56.

You do have relatively short legs and a long torso, so a sloping TT frame would be an advantage. You might find that you need to use a 120-130mm stem and be sure not to select short reach handlebars.

What really determines a bike's vertical size is the head tube length, with the headset. If you have an actual handlebar height, as measured from the floor to the top of the bars, it would be good information, assuming that your bike fits reasonably well. From that dimension, it's easy to figure a total length for the headtube, headset and spacers, plus a stem angle to produce that handlebar height.

Your saddle height is only 3cm more than mine (and I'm 5'-6" tall). If you bars are set really low, they would be about 90cm above the floor. That would require a total stack height of about 175mm with an 84 degree stem. Most likely, that would be a minimum length and you might need another 20-30mm.

Looking at the Kestrel geometry chart, I'd say that you need the 57cm size. Depending on whether the frame comes with the short or tall version of the ZS-2 headset, the total head tube length would be 174-184mm. The larger frame will require on size shorter stem.

Someone who wants a real racey setup might select the 55cm size, but only if a 175-185mm stack height is useable. That would require the tall headset and 10-20mm of spacer with an 84 degree stem.
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