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Last week I spent a good deal of time getting fitted at my LBS. The employee who fit me is a friend who I trust and who also happens to be my chiropractor, so he was also invested in helping get the right size. We printed out the specs from the bike fitter, and it turned out I was right in between sizes 54 and 56. There was a 56 supersix in there so we got it out and adjusted everything to reach the proper geometry according to the printout. I rode the bike around for a while and it felt good. My question is: I am just under 5'10 (32 inch inseam), and it seems on these forums most ppl around that height are on 54's. In fact, to get to the proper specs from the sheet I needed a slightly longer stem on the just seems bigger than a lot of people my height. I just dont want to be stuck with a bike that doesn't properly suit me before I even ride it!!

Its a 2008 caad9, and I plan on racing with it.

Well not sure if anyone can help me here but I was bored at work and thought I'd ask, thanks :thumbsup:
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