Snēk Cycling Launches the Lifeboat Tire Lever

After a super successful Kickstarter campaign, Jonny and the team over at Snēk are officially launching the Lifeboat lever. Part metalcore tire lever, valve core remover, bottle opener and 100% made in the USA the Lifeboat lever is built for modern tubeless tires.

"When doing a repair to my tubeless wheels I found myself searching for my small missing valve core removal tool, needle nose pliers, or anything that would allow me to remove the valve core. That's when it dawned on me. Why not just have this remover as part of the tire lever? That way the tool is always there when a tire needs to be serviced. Whether installing new tires, removing old ones, or fixing a flat with either sealant or a tube, the tools are there." stated Jonny Hintze, founder of Snēk Cycling.

The Lifeboat Tire Lever features a built-in valve core remover and a bottle opener so you can remove your tubeless tire, valve core, and open your post ride beverage with one tool. Metalcore construction is added for strength, and injection molded plastic protects the rim from damage. "I was tired of breaking levers and wanted something that was built to last rather than disposable," states Hintze. Chamfered edges in the lever scoop also aid in removal and installation of tight-fitting tubeless tires and keep your rim free of damage.

For those interested in what else Snēk has to offer, check out their line of merino wool warmers and riding accessories. The merino wool pieces are made in the USA and are personally recommended.

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