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It only took me 7 years of waffling to get my Ti bike.

The bike I'm currently on (Salsa Podio) was purchased with the sole intent of riding it until I could afford a Lynskey frame and then swapping the groupset over. The Salsa was on closeout for cheaper than I could have purchased just the groupset. plan survives first contact with the enemy...I ended up putting thousands of miles on the Podio. It's a really fast, nimble bike, but it has its drawbacks. It's a fairly harsh ride, and I tend to ride some washboard roads with some frequency. Also, it just barely fits a 25C tire. In fact, with my Conti GP4KII's, you can hear the tire rub on the brake bridge when cornering.

So I wanted something Ti. Something fairly future proof. More relaxed geo. Set up more as an endurance bike. I became enamored with hydraulic disc brakes. I knew the bike was going to be hydro.

I ended up at the shop that sold Seven after disappointing discussions with my local shops that sell Moots and Indy Fab. The Seven folks were accommodating as hell, and seemed genuinely interested in getting me a bike that would work for me. After a lot of discussion they increased what the bikes capabilities would be by building it around ENVE's GRD fork and adding eyelets for fenders in the rear. The bike will accommodate a set of 35c's with fenders. Added a pump peg and 3rd bottle mount. Sourced my own wheels as I did not want the Mavics. Went with SRAM Force Hydro for the groupset.

And here it is, as delivered yesterday:

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