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Hates wind
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After 8 months of clipless riding in memphis and nashville with no falls, I finall did it tuesday. I had been for a nice ride while my buddy was running and we met back up at the parking lot afterwards. We were sitting around talking and I remembered how much fun wheelies on mountain bikes were when I was a kid......

Put it in my lowest gear and the front wheel came up but I was spun out before I got balanced. Shifted up one gear. First attempt felt good and it was coming back to me nicely. Second attempt was a lttle better and balanced it out for a while. THIRD attempt I started coming back and was going to jump off the bike like I did back then BUT I was still clipped in :mad2: . When I went to kick the bike out from under me, it just pulled me down quicker. Nice deep bruise on my upper @$$ and a scraped up elbow.

Moral of the story, I shouldn't do wheelies on road bicycles :aureola:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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