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So after several years and 5500 miles I brought my road bike in for an overhaul.

I generally do an okay job on bike maintenance, but maybe not a totally stellar
job with some things.

I got the bike back and I swear the bike looked almost like new, it was amazing the
attention to detail the repair techs put into it.

Real wrenches can work darn near miraculous results.

Just a happy customer of Penn Cycle in Richfield, Minnesota.

Kudos, folks.

Anyone else get a bike back after an overhaul and actually gasp?

I guess I didn't think it could look like that again. With all the road tar, tree sap,
bird nerts, kids throwing gum out the window of their parents cars, car exhaust,
etc it's amazing how grungy a bike can look.

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Way more than that. Basically tore it down to the bare frame, replaced some parts,
the wheels needed help as I was getting the idea the spokes were loosening and
the whole bike just needed more TLC than I was able to provide it.

But yeah, they spiffed it up too. Lots of the drive train ended up in a degreasing
tank anyway....Now the cassette and chain were replaced, that needed to happen.

When I started I was 60 pounds heavier and not the smoothest pedaler
out there. Things have improved considerably.

Now for the next 5000 miles or so.

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tjjm36m3 said:
may I ask how much you pay just for the service, not including spare parts? Thanks.
Here's their service schedule/pricing:

I went for a Wrench Force Overhaul, multi-speed ($149).

Given that the bike had really had no maintenance other than me changing
a tire or a tube occasionally and/or cleaning/lubing the chain it's a miracle
it made it as long as it did. I should have changed the chain long before,
I might have gotten more miles out of the original cassette had I done that.
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