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Here's the series of emails I received from Allen Stevens, at [email protected].
My favorite part of the conversation is when I ask him for his phone number, and he says he can't talk because he had a tracheotomy (and apperently can't give me a number either). By the way, reading through these posts is very helpful - you guys give great advice to avoid scams.

The bike is still for sale, it’s in a great shape, never been dropped, no scratches, low miles, only 500 never raced on a contest.You couldn't ask for more from a second hand bike.
I’m a member of Square Trade offering up to $10.000 insurance. I have an insurance policy of $5.000. The transaction is between us supervised by Square Trade. This means that if the bike is not like described (this is not the case) Square Trade will refund the money that you sent to me. You need to make the proof that the money was sent to the proper information (mine) in order to get the refund. The way you are refunded is at your discretion and refund requests are processed within 3 days. If you agree with moving forward with the deal through Square Trade please provide me your full name and shipping address. As soon as I receive this information from you I will forward them to Square Trade along with the rest of the details in order for them to open a case regarding our deal. After you receive the notification from Square Trade please give me an email and confirm me if we have a deal in order for me to make the arrangements for the shipping process.

Is it possible for you to send me your home phone # so that I can talk to you tonight about squaretrade, the bike, and shipping? As well, would you mind sending me a copy of the description of the bike that you posted on road bike review again? It's no longer posted on the website.

I'm really sorry but i have a talking disability because i've suffered a tracheotomy surgery just 3 weeks ago and i'm not completely recovered. I hope this won't be matter and we will be able to finish our agreement. It’s very hard for me right now because i can't fully expres my self to people around me but i hope the situation will come to normal very soon. Until then i hope that you will understand me and not pass on this deal because i have this temporally disability.
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