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faster 4's may want

the competition
also otherwise you get 2's sandbagging

my first year (and I was seriously trained and prepped) the system was lettered
A, B, C, D I raced C's (even though I was a novice) and though I typically finished between 6th and 15th I wish I'd done a season of D's. Would have been nice to win a race.

so start in the 4s, if you are on the podium your first handful of races then think about moving up. My guess is you'll find plenty of competition in the field.

and again, be ready, bring a trainer and get yourself up to a nice froth before the start. The first lap is hell, if you aren't properly warmed the second 2 laps are recovering from the shock of the first lap and the rest is just pain cave. If you warm up properly you skip the shock and settle right into the pain cave. Sounds wrong but it is so much better.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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