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Hello! I am going to get a new road bike. My Cannondale R500 (think that's the model) makes me feel every bump in the road. I had a bad crash on my mountain bike a few years back and then another accident where I messed up my back (5 disks bad) but I have been on the road to recovery lately and want to get back into cycling.

I saw the review in bicycle mag about the softride bike and was wondering if any of you have one and which model and how much you like it. I don't particularly like the looks of it, but if it's easier on my back, that would be a good thing.

I don't want to spend over 5 grand. I am open to other suggestions for road bikes too. I'm thinking I need a triple since I'm pretty out of shape and like to ride in the hills of Malibu so I believe I'll be using all of the gears. haha So, comfort should come first given my condition. Sytling second...hey it's fun to climb on a great looking bike, :eek:), and then performance. I was almost to the intermediate level before I crashed to give you an idea of my experience. I would ride a few times a week for about 20 miles or so.

Thanks for your time and input. dhill
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