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For sale is my beautiful Soulcraft Royale frameset. After many years with the old girl I'm moving onto something more modern for my daily driver (as well as some day moving on to regret ever selling it.)

This was a custom frame/fork built by Sean Walling in late 2003. I have attached a pic of the build/geo sheet...many of the numbers aren't legible but the highlights are:
Frame size 49cm - this is the measure of the seat tube from BB center to the top of the top tube where it meets the seat tube.
Effective Top Tube length - 55.2cm
Head Tube length / angle - 140mm / 73 deg
Seat Tube length / angle - 51 (center BB to top of top tube) / 73.5 deg
Chainstay length - 40.5cm
For reference I'm 5'10", approx 32" inseam, fairly "normal" proportions. I run a seat height these days of 75cm from BB to top of saddle.

Frame number SC471 as you can see on the custom stamped headtube badge.

Color is Concrete Gray. It was originally Charcoal but in 2011 I sent it back to Sean for a repaint to the gray.

Matching fork also made by Sean, also repainted gray.

Also included with the frame and fork are a DKG 31.8 post clamp, black Cane Creek 110 1-1/8" headset, including 18mm of CC interlocking spacers, as well as a Cane Creek seatpost shim. On many Soulcraft frames Sean used an odd 28.6mm post size, and included with all his frames a 28.6 to 27.2 shim to allow for use with the much more common seat post diameter of 27.2.

Condition is overall pretty fantastic, especially considering it's age and use. Being repainted in the middle of it's life helps certainly. One of the pics shows the worst blemish on the frame...a couple of bad spots right on the back of the lower seat tube where the front derailleur was clamped. Otherwise it's in amazing dents, few little rubs, always had a thick chainstay protector on it...etc. Every major rebuild/component swap over it's life involved a fresh dose of Frame Saver.

Note that one of the pics shows a carbon Ritchey WCS fork, as well as a Thomson Elite seatpost (28.6mm, so no shim needed.) These items are NOT a part of the asking price, but they can be added if the buyer wants...$150 for the all carbon fork, $50 for the post. Likewise, I included a pic of the built bike. Some, not all, but some of the parts could also be available for purchase. Just ask and we can figure something out.

I actually usually had a carbon fork on this frame instead of the steel one, especially as the years went by, I got older, and less flexible, and frankly needed more stack height than the steel fork steerer provided. You can see the difference in steerer lengths between the 2 forks in the picture. Custom for 30 year old me was substantially different than what 48 year old me now requires!

Keep in mind this frame was built during a different component era...i.e. rims and tires were much narrower. My most recent set-up was an 18mm rim (internal width) with Specialized 2Bliss 700x26mm tires. Everything was fine with that. Anything much bigger and you would start to run short of clearance on the front (steel fork could go bigger with the optional Ritchey fork,) and also the front derailleur depending on what you use. I last had Ultegra 6800 11sp on the bike. It worked great, but again, much more tire and it wouldn't. My point is...don't buy this expecting to use the latest i23 rim with 32mm tires...won't work!

I've seriously considered just keeping it as shelf art (frankly still am a little bit) but I'm at a point in life right now where I need to get rid of "stuff"...downsize life...son in college and nearly out of the house...likely will be moving to much smaller place in near future...blah blah... Basically, it doesn't make much sense for me to keep this around, especially if someone out there will truly appreciate it, build it back up, and ride it.

Asking $1,000 which includes shipping to lower 48.
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