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I bought a Roubaix Pro a few weeks ago.. Very nice bike and had Sram red and all but for some reason i was missing something.. My buddy bought a 2010 Super Six last week and loves it so much. Talks about how fast and zippy it is and this started me on this quest of maybe going Cannondale.

I had Cannondale bikes years ago but for some reason got talked into the specialized and it was nice, i have nothing bad to say.

I am going today to ride the Synapse Himod which is about 5300 list price. My concern is 2 fold - first is the price. They are offering nice discounts but from what i am hearing the 2011 Cannondales are going to give you alot for alot less. So the word is the super six at 3750 2010 is dropping to 3000 list for 2011 and they reduced the wheels a little bit but still sounds like a great deal. My fear is the synapse is going to drop a few grand and I will be stuck with a 5300 bike worth alot less ?

Does anyone know is the 2011 Synapse Himod with Durace or red is going to drop alot in price ?

Also, what do you think about the overall ride and fun and speed of the synapse compared to the roubaix..

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