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I just today saw one at my LBS. It's beautiful. I have a Bianchi Pista, which works fine, but the Soma has the Pista beat cold... and costs a couple hundred more dollars.

The Soma has 631, or some other 600-series air-hardened tubing, that is respectable, particularly in comparison to the Pista 520 pipe steel. The lugged fork on the Soma is lovely, and the front and rear brake mounts allow true (safe) single-speed riding. The Pista is drilled out only at the fork.

I love my Pista, which I bought to try fixed gear riding. If I knew I'd like it as much as I do, I would have gone for the Soma instead.

OK, so I didn't ride it, but judging from it's cover, that book is a great read.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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