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Hello im a marine that just got into cycling for a workout and a hobby i recently bought a cheap fixie to learn how to build it up. i have a few questions.

1. there are no brackets for a water bottle holder so whats the best way to put one on
2. i want to put drop bars on it how would i go about doing that with the brakes and puchsasing the right size. do i go about buying new pedals and gears that arnt too expensive but better than the stock ones.

sorry for the questions but i been on other forums with members who wernt too welcoming to new riders thank you
THank you for your service.
1. Zip ties... duct tape...
2. it helps to see what you're dealing with first in regards to a bike.
3. Wellgo makes some inexpensive, but decent enough platform pedal (I don't have the balls to ride clipless with a fixie).

Reach out to your MWR. You might find more Marines cycling... who's knows??? They might have a source(s) for parts. (mine does)
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