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The Sonoma backroad challenge is coming up this Saturday 5/20/2017. Anyone riding the century or have done it before?
This will be my first century so I'm a bit nervous about whether I'll be able to finish the ride. Looking at the elevation profile, the bigger climbs don't look too bad but the total elevation is about 6k. Since the climbs don't seem to have a lot of elevation, I guess a lot of that 6k is coming from rolling hills. I'm in the east bay and my training rides have been basically from my house to the top of mt. Diablo and back. Total of about 60 miles and around 5k elevation.
With diablo though, you ride to the top, then cruise down so you do most of the climbing in one big effort and then rest on the descent. I'm just not sure how that translates to the rolling hills where you put in many short efforts.
Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated
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