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you can use a 3/32" ring with a 1/8" chain

or you can buy a bigger cog.

or you can buy a 3/32" cog and chain to go with your 3/32" 42t ring.

hrv said:
Just got my Langster and it came with 48 x 16 free. Want to ride it fixed, it has the lockring already. Waaay too hilly here for me to use the 48 (will work fine for the track, however). Would like to go with a 42 up front. Can't find these in 1/8" 130mm. Can I use my old road 3/32" ring, or will that cause too much chain slop? Guess there's not much call for a 42 'granny' track ring, huh? Don't tell me, check with Sheldon....

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