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Bob P said:
Anyone know of a source for 650c tires that are bigger than a 20 or 23?

I'm aware that Terry marketed one a few years ago made by Panasonic (and that they had a recall along the way), but I'm hoping there are others out there. Thanks!
Depending on brake reach, you could try 650B wheels. Since this is the French rndo / touring size, the tires that are avialable for it tend to be wider. 650C is 571 mm bead seat diameter, 650B is 584, so you need to be able to set the pads (584-571)/2=6.5 mm higher for these wheels.

Harris Cylery has 650 x 28 Terry Tellus STs (actually about a 26) for 39.95. Wider than that, you'll need to try the 650B size.

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