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Fini les ecrase-"manets"!
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rubicon_nm said:
alienator, thanks for the offer but I would like to find an alternative source for shims. I need about a 1 cm stack. That would be a lot of LeWedge's.

Kerry, I found some sheet styrene at a hobby store but I'm worried it will compress. If it does I'll try a local plastics suppler.

thanks for the replies
I don't know if they have exactly what you're after, but McMaster-Carr is a good bet. They've got sheet and bar stock (and film up to 1/4", I think) of just about any plastic you want. You may have to buy more than you need, but probably not a LOT more. Note that a lot of high-performance plastics are really expensive.

Keep in mind that if you find a bar that's the right cross-sectional dimensions, you can cut 1 cm off it--you don't need to find a 1 cm thick sheet and cookie-cutter out the piece you want.
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