PV Bicycle Center, the newest Specialized Bicycle Concept Store in the US, has invited 8 time California Elite State Champion Josh Horowitz to provide a fascinating presentation on sports psychology Sunday January 11 at 5:00. The new location, open just 40 days, has already become the central meeting point of enthusiasts and casual riders alike. Owner Steve Bowen has a goal: "We want to have at least one event every weekend besides our regular rides that will help to inspire the bicycling community to ride more for recreation, transportation and sport."

"We have become a major sponsor of the Liquid Cycling Team, and this Sunday prior to Josh's talk PV Bicycle Center will be presenting each member of the team with a Specialized Bicycle Tarmac Pro for the coming season. Anyone who would like to meet the members of the team is invited to come at 3:00."

Liquid Cycling Team members receiving the new Specialized Tarmac Pro's that day will be, in addition to team owner Josh Horowitz: Marco Rios: Winner of Superweek 2007; Justin Kerr: Winner of Te Anau Stage of 2008 UCI Tour of Southland; Abe Taylor: Former pro riding for Colavita Bolla and Marco Polo; Tommy Nelson: Experienced Cat 1 Rider; Mitch Gans: 2008 Junior National Track Champion; Matt Landen: Experienced Cat 1 racer; Ashley Knights: Super talented, newly upgrade Cat 1; Danny Kam: Winner of 2008 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix (Cat 2); and Travis Wilkerson: Experienced Cat 1 - Team Director.

In addition to his 5 California State Championships, Josh Horowitz is a professional cycling coach, and cat 1 racer. He has nearly 20 years of international racing experience and has competed in New Zealand, Ireland, Italy and Cuba. Josh is the creator of The Ultimate Cyclist and The Ultimate Triathlete sports hypnosis CDs. He serves as a sports psychology consultant to Tour De France podium finisher Levi Leipheimer, World Champion Hayden Godfrey and the winners of 32 national championships.

Josh gives this teaser regarding his sport psychology seminar: "Did you know that believing you can win is every bit as important as having the physical capacity to win? This isn't new age Zen philosophy, but a scientifically proven aspect of human behavior. Encoding the brain for success is just like programming a computer. Only with the proper program, can the brain string together the sequence of physical actions that are required to achieve a desired goal.

"Just as you might use a goal-oriented periodized training program to train your body, you can follow a similar program to achieve mental success. Join Josh Horowitz as he helps you develop the tools to create your own mental training program to target any mental weaknesses you might have. Whether it is doubt, anxiety or simply a lack of confidence, you will walk out of this discussion with a whole new set of tools to add to your training arsenal." A guided visualization/hypnosis session and a question and answer session will cap off the evening.

Josh concludes, "The members of The Liquid Cycling Team and I are really excited to be partnering with Steve Bowen and the PV Bicycle Center. Steve is truly a great friend of the sport, a serious rider in his own right, and will be providing the team with support way beyond the Specialized Tarmac Pro's. His bicycle fitting studio is without peer in Southern California. Getting fit using the Specialized 3G system at PV Bicycle Center will provide us with maximum power and endurance for our training and on race day."

PV Bicycle Center is just three scenic miles from the corner of Hawthorne Blvd and PCH in Peninsula Shopping Center at Silver Spur and Hawthorne. Come early and take a ride through some of the most scenic country in Southern California. For more information, directions, and to learn about other events coming at PV Bicycle Center, check out their website at https://www.PVBike.com or call 310-377-7441