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Kwantani said:
I plan to do a Sunday morning ride south SJ/morgan hill area, what's your take on the smoke/smell in the area? you think it'll be ridable by then? or it'll get worse?
There's really no other way to do this... stick your head out Sunday morning and smell the smoke.

It's really up to the wind.

If you want a safer bet, ride near Woodside or Canada in San Mateo.


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I rode Morgan Hill this morning and the northernmost section of our ride (Bailey) was pretty unbearable. I felt like I was riding at altitude -- I had no lung capacity. However, the 50 or so firemen stationed at the reservoir made up for it (they were smokin too!).

If you suffer from pulmonary issues (asthma, allergies, etc), I would use caution. My lungs are still feeling affected, hours later.
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