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So, we are spending the winter in the desert, a cool little town east of San Deigo called Borrego Springs. A great cycling destination for us snowbird cyclists. As a very old Masters racer,(60+) I decided to continue on with my season after the Huntsman races this October in southern Utah, so I packed up the DeRosas and headed out from the Pacific Northwest. Finding races for my age group is a lot easier down this way. So far, I've done a circuit race over near Phoenix..(McDowell Mt.) a Crit in Ontario(eastern LA area) and a hillclimb right here in Borrego Springs. Up Montezuma Grade, about 4000'vert in 11 miles..
It is quite fun to have lots of events to choose from and new guys to race with. The LA area crowd...they are some good racers. Amazing to find actual teams of 50+ masters. I got schooled in my outing at Ontario by the San Deigo cycle vets team, I think they were..And there is another San Deigo cyclist, a hillclimb specialist named Herb Johnson who I raced with at St. George this fall and again on the Montezuma climb recently...he is amazing! At 62 years old he is usually first up most hills..but he was edged out this year on Montezuma by a couple of youngsters.
It is nice to get 250-300 actual road miles a week, all winter long, and to have races to choose from as often as you like..Hopefully, I will return to the northwest in some kinda good racing shape for this spring, there is racing, even in it is winter and you are a bit "older"..the desert southwest is great in winter..
Don Hanson
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