As of 2009, Riis Cycling / Team Saxo Bank and Specialized will embark on a new partnership that will mean a completely new and exiting setup for the team in terms of bikes and shoes. This partnership will see a new legacy in the development of high-end bikes and state of the art materials.

"I am really exited to start this new partnership and I think that we can create great things together with Specialized. We have had a lot of different possibilities in terms of equipment for the coming years, including working together with our existing partners, but we have chosen to embark on a new project and we are ready to take the next step with Specialized. There has been a clear mutual understanding and a good business-fit between the two companies from day one and I am convinced that it will become clear to everyone that these are two highly ambitious organizations that are going to collaborate closely in this deal. I chose Specialized based on our common vision, their excellent bikes and equipment combined with their ability to develop future materials that will help us win. I have taken multiple trips to the Specialized headquarters in the past months to ride their bikes and speak with their engineers and I am hugely impressed with what I have seen", says Bjarne Riis.

"We are very keen to give the best possible feedback to Specialized in order for us to be riding the best bikes in the world. The feedback from all our riders is fundamental in this process and we are notoriously famous for setting incredibly high standards. I am convinced that this is one of the main reasons why Specialized also sees this as a great project", continues Riis about the deal that has been signed for a three-year period.

"It is a natural relationship based on parallel visions and values. At Specialized, we are focused on being the best cycling brand in the world and Riis Cycling and Team Saxo Bank are focused on being the best cycling team in the world. We will push each other and enable each other to achieve more than ever before. We have a long history of working with the best athletes and the best teams in the world to help us develop better bikes and equipment. Getting feedback from Riis Cycling will give us the opportunity to continue doing just that" says Mike Sinyard, President and Founder of Specialized.