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Condensed list specific to similar specialized crosstrail safety concerns :
Copied from 10 pages of condensed research from WWW , 37 line items and 309 words:

1) My wife has a new specialized crosstrail,/rear derailleur would work intermittently
2) Rear derailleur would attempt to shift/ rear derailleur not
3) Definite skip at rear derailleur when under load
4) Skips under load
5) Crosstrail/chain skipping when pedaling /chain keeps
6) Why would my chain slip on the road, but not when the bike is
on the stand
7) Why does my rear derailleur skip gears
8) New crosstrail, chain comes off the front sprocket three
times and the rear sprocket
9) Chain always falls off
10) Problems, gears dramatically changing by

11) Severely jammed
12) Gears slipping and missing
13) Chain catching
14) Slipping on the gear ring
15) Hear chain hitting front derailleur
16) To keep the chain from slipping
17) Problem is the gears slipping a lot, making noise
18) New bike crosstrail/ gears will slip/ slippage/ seems
to slip/
19) haven’t been able to fix this or front gear not shifting
20) Gear slippage
21) crosstrail the bike will suddenly go into lower

22) The chain slips down one level on the rear sprockets
23) Crosstrail owned less than 9 months/ ghost shifting
24) randomly ghost shifted a lot/
25) auto shifted even riding straight on smooth
26) components were causing shifting problem
27) ghost shifting
28) crosstrail less than year old/ I have the chain skipping
29) rear derailleur didn’t shift
30) skipping problem started
31) chain skipping problem
32) still have the chain skip problem
33) crosstrail new bike three to four weeks ago/ noticed the
34) lose tension as I hear it slip
35) mechanic tuned gears as best he could but they still slip
and miss
36) dealer not take interest in actually getting fixed Re:
crosstrail gear slip/ shifting
37) purchased two of these bikes (customer
review for crosstrail) to date both bikes
have had multiple mechanical failures:
had to walk the bike back to get repaired:


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