Specialized Merz Portraits

Jim Merz was a master fabricator at Specialized for many years. He's also famous for his ultra-endurance rides. Photo by John Watson​

The Sequoia is Specialized's take on an off-road adventure touring bike. It was originally designed by Tim Noonan, but Jim Merz is the man most associated with the legendary bike. Merz worked as a custom frame builder in the Pacific Northwest for a decade before closing up shop to work for Specialized.

Specialized Merz Sequoia

Merz logos were carefully recreated for this build. Photo by John Watson​

To celebrate his work, Specialized designer Erik Nohlin (the man behind the current Sequoia) helped dream up a limited edition run of Merz branded bikes.

Specialized Merz Sequoia

The complete bike is stunning. Photo by John Watson​

Each bike is done up in a gorgeous Valencia Orange with metallic fleck and outfitted with custom anodized wheels, seat clamp, and headset. An Anza leather saddle, matching bar tape, and custom Swift Industries Scout Motto saddle bag add an elegant finishing touch.

Specialized Merz Sequoia

Only 200 of these bikes will be made. Photo by John Watson​

A total of 200 bikes will be made. Every bike will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jim Merz and Erik Nohlin. Price is $3750. If you're interested, head to your local Specialized dealer.

For more info, visit www.specialized.com.