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Nessism said:
I think Specialized falls into the upper tier of companies in that most of the parts they include on their bikes are exclusive; manufactuered by contractors for use/sale only by Specialized.

Regarding the tire question, Specialized tires are made in Taiwan while Hutchinson's are made in France. And speaking of house brands, I think Hutchinson is made by Michelin. I'm not positive about this but if you look closely at the tires, they look identical and have identical specs.

I agree on the Specialized stuff ... they may not make anything themselves, but they design many of their parts themselves for their exclusive use. I don't see anyone making anything similar to their Body Geometry stuff, for instance.

I highly doubt that Michelin makes Hutchinson tires. They're both French, but that doesn't mean they're the same company. Maybe their road tires look similar, but their cyclocross tires aren't anything alike, and their entire MTB tire lineups are completely different.
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