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Maybe I have it backwards....

Mike Prince said:
That sure sounds weird. I would find it hard to believe that anyone else would make tires for Hutchinson. The "big 4" of Hutch, Michelin, Conti and Vittoria (and probably a few others) probably make a lot of other private label tires for other people, but not vice-versa. Of course, there's still the small independents like Vredestrin, Schwalbe, etc. who make their own too.

Seems like I remember that Bontragers are made by Continental. I would think that a similar logic exists for Specialized. Their existing line does not seem to enjoy a reputation as a top-level tire, so I would think they would look to one of the tire conglomerates for some help.
I might have this backwards. I was visited my LBS the other day and ran into the owner, the Specialized Rep was in the store. Across the room the owner said that Specialized was coming out with a brand new line up, which included tires. Maybe it's Hutchinson makes the top of the line Specialized tires. I remember years ago using Specialized Turbos, the first slick fold up and they were great. I like the Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX's, but not the price. Vittoria makes Ritchey tires, I used the Tom Slicks, a little on he heavy side but wore well. Vredrestein Fortezza is the best buy for the money in my book (I can get them for $30.00).
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