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I bought a pair of these tires and tried them out today. The concept is good, a 23mm contact area with the volume of a 25mm tire. It uses the raised tread motorcycle tire technology so it still corners nice. I mounted them on a set of 3X32 CPX33 wheels. The black rims make the tire look bigger than it really is, but it is still a 25mm. It is more tall than wide. The ride is similiar to what I remember from Michelin Hi-Lites. The Hi Lites were good riding tires, but I always had problems with cuts. Frame clearance is a little tight, I would imagine that a broken spoke would result in tire rub. My Pego has a Mizuno fork with plenty of clearance. The Chorus brakes are the limiter on tire size on my bike.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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