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I test rode a number of bikes yesterday in a quest to upgrade from my Trek 1000 and think I am down to these two. The Roubaix Comp is carbon frame with 105 components except for the ultegra rear derailleur. The Mitis is aluminum frame with carbon form and rear triangle and full ultegra. Both have carbon compact cranks. Both are great bikes.

The Specialized is a little smoother and of course has the compact geometry. The Orbea, while not technically a compact geometry, is more relaxed than my current ride, is more responsive and I liked the ultegra stuff better.

I am about 185 lbs (and losing) and try to ride 100+ miles per week. Most rides are 25-35 miles with the occasional 60+ rides. Plan to do a century before the end of the year.

On the one hand, I found the Orbea to be more fun during my test ride given that it felt faster and more responsive. On the other hand, one of the things I am trying to get away from is the harsher ride of my current aluminum frame and don't want to regret not having the full carbon frame the first time I do 3 hours plus on the bike.

Anyone have any thoughts on these bikes or suggestions as to other things I should take into consideration (other than to look at other bikes - I've ridden about nine and am pretty sure I will be happy with either of these two, just struggling with that final pull of the trigger)?
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