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Hello all,

I'm in the market for buying a new bike.
I hope you can help me choose, if someone have experience with the following models:

- ... isc/118207
- ... omp/115635
- ... -6592.html

The Roubaix and Merida have the same price. The Tarmac is more expensive, and doesn't have Thru-axles.

I want do buy in a local dealer, in order to trade my actual ride, so I'm not looking into other brands.

I own a Specialized Roubaix SL2. I like my current bike geometry.

I know I'm looking for diferente types of bikes, but for what we can see, the new Roubaix is similar to a Tarmac/Merida geometry. The roads where I live are paved, and I'm afraid that the Roubaix "coil" won't last 5-6 years.

Ideas and opinions please!

Best regards,


Old and in the way.
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I just bought a new Roubaix, and while I love it, the geometry isn't the same as previous models. They've slanted it more towards road racing than endurance. It still is more upright than pure racing frames, though. The ride, however, is excellent. The new shock and seat movement really do work. As far as the life of the "coil," well, if it softens, just replace it. It's very easy to access. I only have about 100 miles on mine, so time will tell.
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