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MaddSkillz said:
Thing is, availability on the frame is late May or early June!!! NO!!!!!!!
What's up widdat?!?! =( Oh, well, I'm gonna pull the trigger and do it anyway. SWEET!!!
Congratulations! This is about the same lead time that I was quoted for my Tarmac Pro SL frameset in November 2008. I got my frame in about 1 month, rather than the expected 2 months, and others have reported similar experiences. My guess is that you will be riding your new bike in mid April!

Your build plans sound good, though I'm curious as to why you picked the Roval Fuse wheelset. Are these the ones with the funky star shaped hub? There are plenty of wheel choices in that price band, and Specialized wheels aren't usually at the top of the list, though I hear that they are getting better.
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