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Has anyone noticed their zero cleats rocking a bit on the pedal? I just bought a new set of Zeros and took them for the first spin around the neighbourhood to get a feel for them(being a long time Time then spd-sl user), and I could feel the cleat rocking a touch on the pedal. A quick look at them when the bike was on the stand confirmed my suspicion.

Now I had heard that this might be a problem with them when they get well-worn but I never expected to experience it on new pedals and cleats with less than a mile's worth of use. I am going to call Speedplay when they get in, but I thought I would tap the vast knowledge here.

Any thoughts? I recall hearing that they made a different base plate for their pros that helped with the issue. It's a shame as they felt pretty good otherwise.

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Bdaghisallo said:
Has anyone noticed their zero cleats rocking a bit on the pedal?
I've noticed it, too, but only while actually trying to rock my shoes back and forth. It doesn't seem to hurt me or bother me at all, unlike my previous SPD-SL pedals. :)

Let us know if you find out about that special base plate.

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