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Can you try doing this?

1. Throw 3 pounds of junk into a water bottle (tools, whatever), put it in the second cage on the Cervelo, and try riding it with and without it.

2. Put those Zip tubulars on your Seven.

If you ever try either/both tests, I'd be real curious to know what you thought. I'm guessing #2 will make a bigger difference than #1, especially at +25mph. I know if you're riding on PCH you can easily get 40+ on downhills, you'll probably notice a huge difference there vs. the Ksyriums!


Can you write a book on how to lose weight? That's amazing weight loss, good job man. I rode 550 miles in a week last month and only lost 2 pounds. Time to do intervals till I puke, I guess...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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