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What length Sapim CX-Rays would you use in the following build?

White Industries H1 Hubs (Campy), Zipp 285 rims, 24 2 cross front and back.
32.0mm flange diameter
35.5mm center to flange

36.4mm left flange diameter
54.5mm right flange diameter
38.0mm center to left flange
18.0mm center to right flange

I pestered ergott in an another forum and he recommended 270 and 264 for the rear and 270 for the front. I'm not trying to second guess him (dude also mentioned that he has his own Phil Wood spoke machine and rolls & cuts all his own spokes :eek: ) but I'd just like some more confirmation before dealing with the order.

Two notes: CX-Rays only come in even lengths, ie 268, 270, 272. Zipp says ERD is 552 but ergott measures 556.

thanks in advance.

(edited with more accurate measurements - thx again ergott!)

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I ergott told you those were the lengths then you're just about 100% assured that those are the right lengths. He definetly knows what he's talking about. With that said, it shouldn't be too hard to draw up a model of the setup and do some trig to verify the lengths, it's a lot easier though to just heed the advice you've already got.
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