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I'm building up two sets of tubular wheels for CX - full-on race wheels, within a budget. Here's what I've got:
Set 1: 28f, 36r, Mavic CXP30
set 2: 32f 36r, Mavic GP4
(spoke #s are just what was available NOS, not exactly my choice)

Hubs will be Ultegra.

I'm currently leaning towards 2.0-1.5s. I'd love to go CX-Rays, but I'm not sure it's worth an additional $200+.

I'm ~170 right now. As long as I keep my eye on it, I shouldn't go much above where I'm at right now, and hope to go lower.

Will Revos or similar hold up, with 36 of 'em? Should I be thinking about running 2.0-1.8 on the drive side? Is it worth the extra $$$ to get cxrays?

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Sapim spokes are no better than DT Swiss spokes. Revolution spokes are great spokes, although they can be a bit tricky to work with becuase that super thin middle section likes to twist up a bit. A wheel with 36 revolutions will be plenty strong provided its properly built.
Sapim CX-rays aren't worth the money for that kind of wheel.

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A moneysaver for oval spokes would be Wheelsmith AE-15 (14 DS)
For the AE-15 I wouls use washers.

The price should be pretty much the same as with revos....
Better? More aero?...........Looks cool anyway

I use'em on most of my wheels....No probs, and I tend to be
tough on the wheels (CX) doing lots of trails and stuff.


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yes, a 36h rear is good for using revos... u can use DT comp if u like...

my advice, esp re: cxp30s is u are building heavy wheels... its not worth the bother building them w/ revos or similar.

the teg hubs are good quality but deliberately heavy... so, i'd just do the whole thing w/ dt comp and enjoy the stiffness and durability.

totally not worth the $$ for cx-rays esp on the very unaero gp4. 68 of them even in silver would cost at least $170. I'd spend that money on better/lighter hubs rims etc if u really care about lightweight, cos that build wont be.
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