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so ive been lookin into wheels.. not pre-built.. but wheel components.. and i have a question about sppoke selection..

most presicely DT spokes.. double butted, triple butted and aero double butted varietys... i know what butted spokes are.. i have em on the MTB :D

what im wondering.. between triple butted n aero double butted.. any downsides?? i mean.. tripples butted.. wow!! thats a slight margin for error as i understand wheelbuilding

aero double butted. sounds interesting for an all round wheelset to me.. lighter than straight.. and a little aero advantage.. just enough to play tricks with your head lol ( man those spokes make such a HUUGE improvement!!!.. i can now sprint to 60mph woot!!!).. we all know those stories...

but seriosuly.. any experience.. gimme!!! :D
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