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Two wheels=freedom!
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IMHO, Once the wheels are built up, put your gauge away unless you are having problems keeping them in true.

I would assume that you made sure the spokes were evenly tensioned during the build, and remained so after truing the wheel.

Spokes don't "stretch" any appreciable amount. If you were carefull during the build to properly bend the spokes at the crosses and the heads, you should not have to worry about tension. If you did not bend the spokes during the build, then yes, you might see lower tension after the wheel settled in. But if you are still keeping in true, then you should be fine.

Funny thing, over the years, I've built over 100 wheels for both Road and Mtn, never once used a tension gauge, never had any problems.

If it aint broke (out of true) don't fix it!
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