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hugphot said:
I built my wheels up with 100kgf spoke tension (open pro on chorus 32 hole hubs and ACI butted spokes) but when I recently checked the tension, it only measured 60kgf.

Thinking the spokes must have stretched, I've just put the wheel in my truing jig to re-tension the spokes and now that I've removed the tyre, the tension measures up around the 100kgf mark again.

So: should I aim to have the spokes tensioned correctly with the tyre inflated or leave the tension as it is? (Tyres are Hutchinson Fusion 2 tubeless inflated to 90psi)
So, you saying that simply inflating the tire caused the spoke tension to drop by 40%? I'd retest a few times and check for consistency.

If this is happening, then the only physical means would be that the tire pressure is causing the rim to be deformed inward, removing tension from the spokes, right? I suppose that is theoretically possible, but I'd want to recheck it a few times. I'd mark the spokes and test specific spokes with and without pressure.
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