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Spoke to SRAM. This is what they said…..

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I want to build a new set of Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels with DT Swiss 240’s or 180’s. Not decided on the hub yet. There are a number of wheel builders in the USA that can do this such as, speed vision bikes etc. I cannot find a single shop/builder here in Canada that can get just the Zipp rims. They all say they can only get the complete wheel with the Zipp hubs. So I called SRAM and spoke to their wheel department. They told me that they don’t care either way and that as far as they’re concerned, anyone can buy just the rims should they wish. Even with this knowledge I still can’t find any shop that can get me just the rims here in Canada.

Do any of you know of a place here in Canada that can get just the Zipp rims?
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Rim brake or disc? QBP has disc brake rims in stock. They're in MN but I'm sure shops in Canada order from them.
I gather QBP only sells to retailers, correct?
Yes, wholesale only. Which is why I said "...shops in Canada can order from them"
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Only you can answer this question.
FYI, Zipp relies on their authorized retailers to handle lifetime warranty claims. I had a set of CF bars fail and was instructed by ZIpp/SRAM to contact the retailer, so how the claim is handled may be per discretion of your LBS. My bars were purchased from Competitive Cyclist, who gave me a store credit for the entire value of the bars a few years after purchase.

I also have a set of 4-year-old ENVES with DT Swiss 240s and they've been absolutely reliable.
No, this is not how it works. SRAM will not deal directly with the customer, they will only talk to/deal with the dealer. BUT...that really has nothing to do w/ how the claim is handled. Nearly all warranty claims are taken care of online through SRAM's b2b. SRAM then make a decision on how they're going to take care of the issue.
Someone says a certain wheel I've never heard of is "10x better" than Enve? No. Not possible.
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Thanks for the clarifcation. That aligns with my experience in contacting SRAM – they told me to work directly with the retailer to resolve the warranty claim. Competitive Cyclist was fantastic with thier customer service and the entire process was easy to follow, but they did require me to send photos of the damage, ask me to explain how it occurred and ultimately return the bars to them.

However, SRAM certainly relies on their authorized retailers to practice some discretion with their b2c relationship – i.e., being reasonably sure that the customer followed the terms and conditions of their warranty policy and used and maintained the product in a manner consistent with their intended application, before moving onto the b2b site to initiate a claim. That was the gist of my comment since the OP was asking about differences in warranties.
Yes, 'some discretion' is used. I will offer my opinion as to whether a warranty is likely to be denied, I rarely say anything about one being approved. I always let the customer know that the decision is 100% entirely up to SRAM. They have approved some warranties that completely amazed me. They still have pretty great CS in that way. If someone comes in with an obvious non-warranty problem, ie: crash damage I'll tell them it's not worth my time to start the warranty process. If they insist I'll charge them my 'warranty processing' fee. Beyond that I have no part in the process.
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