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Spoke to SRAM. This is what they said…..

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I want to build a new set of Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels with DT Swiss 240’s or 180’s. Not decided on the hub yet. There are a number of wheel builders in the USA that can do this such as, speed vision bikes etc. I cannot find a single shop/builder here in Canada that can get just the Zipp rims. They all say they can only get the complete wheel with the Zipp hubs. So I called SRAM and spoke to their wheel department. They told me that they don’t care either way and that as far as they’re concerned, anyone can buy just the rims should they wish. Even with this knowledge I still can’t find any shop that can get me just the rims here in Canada.

Do any of you know of a place here in Canada that can get just the Zipp rims?
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Rim brake or disc? QBP has disc brake rims in stock. They're in MN but I'm sure shops in Canada order from them.
I gather QBP only sells to retailers, correct?
How big of a deal is the warranty difference between-
Zipp (lifetime replacement crash protection) and
Enve (<3 Years (0-36 Months) No charge on the specific damaged component – Customer responsible for costs related to parts (ex. spokes, nipples), labor, and shipping
-3 – <4 (37-48 Months) 50% Off MSRP, Customer pays all shipping
-4 – <5 (49-60 Months) 40% Off MSRP, Customer pays all shipping
-5 (61 + Months) 30% Off MSRP, Customer pays)

Should this add any real weight to going one way or the other?
Looks like they are effectively selling you an insurance policy.
The Mavic CXP do seem to be in different category – aren't they alloy rims and low profile?
Yes, this is correct. And if you read around these parts, there isn't much love for Mavic in general.
Yes, 'some discretion' is used. I will offer my opinion as to whether a warranty is likely to be denied, I rarely say anything about one being approved. I always let the customer know that the decision is 100% entirely up to SRAM. They have approved some warranties that completely amazed me. They still have pretty great CS in that way. If someone comes in with an obvious non-warranty problem, ie: crash damage I'll tell them it's not worth my time to start the warranty process. If they insist I'll charge them my 'warranty processing' fee. Beyond that I have no part in the process.
This reminds me of the shop owner I know who showed me a broken off brake lever on a bike where the customer asked if that was covered under warranty. Yeah, people will try anything.

FWIW, this same shop owner was able to finagle a warranty replacement on a Shimano wheelset (hub bearings went bad) that was 3 years old even though they normally only warranty wheels for 1 year. I certainly wasn't expecting this and was pleasantly surprised.
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