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Spoke to SRAM. This is what they said…..

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I want to build a new set of Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels with DT Swiss 240’s or 180’s. Not decided on the hub yet. There are a number of wheel builders in the USA that can do this such as, speed vision bikes etc. I cannot find a single shop/builder here in Canada that can get just the Zipp rims. They all say they can only get the complete wheel with the Zipp hubs. So I called SRAM and spoke to their wheel department. They told me that they don’t care either way and that as far as they’re concerned, anyone can buy just the rims should they wish. Even with this knowledge I still can’t find any shop that can get me just the rims here in Canada.

Do any of you know of a place here in Canada that can get just the Zipp rims?
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Rim brake or disc? QBP has disc brake rims in stock. They're in MN but I'm sure shops in Canada order from them.
Disc brake for sure. I’ll check them out and will see if they’ll ship to Canada.
I gather QBP only sells to retailers, correct?
Yes that’s what I just found out. They have me some names of shops near me that have accounts with them. So I’ll start there.
How big of a deal is the warranty difference between-
Zipp (lifetime replacement crash protection) and
Enve (<3 Years (0-36 Months) No charge on the specific damaged component – Customer responsible for costs related to parts (ex. spokes, nipples), labor, and shipping
-3 – <4 (37-48 Months) 50% Off MSRP, Customer pays all shipping
-4 – <5 (49-60 Months) 40% Off MSRP, Customer pays all shipping
-5 (61 + Months) 30% Off MSRP, Customer pays)

Should this add any real weight to going one way or the other?
Looks like they are effectively selling you an insurance policy.
Agreed. And I’ll pay for it every day of the week. One of the guys in my riding group had a very bad crash last fall. It was 100% his own fault. Knowing this Zipp still sent him 2 brand new complete wheels for free. He just had to send his old wheels back to them.
And he had them at his door in less than 2 weeks!
Im ok with paying extra for some assurance that if something happens down the line I have some protection.
Both wheels are excellent. I know this and im sure is be happy with either one. Enve just seem to have the edge from all that I’ve read and seen. They’re 100 grams heavier and a little more expensive and have a good warranty. Just not as good as Zipp.
Just need to work out which to go with.
Only you can answer this question.
I know. It’s just nice to have some additional input when spending on wheels that cost a lot. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.
I also have a set of 4-year-old ENVES with DT Swiss 240s and they've been absolutely reliable.
Do you have the 2.3’s or the 3.4’s?
Not by any means endorsing ENVE over Zipp, but if you're looking...
You mentioned that they were absolutely reliable. I know that there are many other wheels that are reliable and there’s obviously more reasons to consider other than just reliable, but to me reliability is pretty big. What are the reasons that you wouldn’t endorse them?
I was speaking to a local wheel builder in Toronto who’ been building wheels for 40+ years. He said that Enve are great rims but due to their hefty price tag I should also look at brands like Astral Veil Series. He said 10 times better and much cheaper. Also told to look at Mavic CXP. So now it’s back to mountains of post reading and reviews. If any of you have personal info with either of these rims I’d love to know your opinion.
I don't think you can go wrong with Zipp Firecrest laced to DT Swiss. The Mavic CXP do seem to be in different category – aren't they alloy rims and low profile?
I’m actually not sure. I just got the message this morning from the wheel builder. I won’t have a chance to do any proper research until tonight. Looking forward to hearing peoples opinions on those brands though.
I got Zipp 303 firecrests for $1520 using a coupon code with brands cycle. Tough to beat the Zipp warranty.
Damn! That’s a sweet deal!
I got Zipp 303 firecrests for $1520 using a coupon code with brands cycle. Tough to beat the Zipp warranty.
i don’t suppose you know if they’re an authorized Zipp wheel builder do you? I’m trying to find a place that can build a set of Zipps for me with DT Swiss 240’s at a somewhat “decent” price. I’m up in Canada and from what I can find up here, the Canadian distributor for Zipp won’t sell just the rims to any dealer, shop, builder etc. Even though Zipp allows it, it’s apparently up to the distributor. I’ve spoken to SRAM about it. Really sucks!
I don't see anything on their web site about being a builder, but I don't know. I just chose them because they had the best price and accepted the coupon code. :)

Just curious, what makes you want the DT Swiss hubs vs the Zipp hubs?
In all the reading and research I’ve looked at Zipp hub reviews have been hit and miss. The DT Swiss 240’s (after the internal fix) have pretty much all favourable reviews. What’s your take on the difference?
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