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I took some screengrabs today...


There was a clinic today in California, for the young developmental riders, and Mr. Jens Voigt was the instructor.

He knew the crosswind section was coming. Got his guys to the front at the right moment and lit the afterburners, bringing a sizable split of all the right guys with him.

You have to watch the full video to grasp how quickly this all went down. It was over in a matter of minutes, seconds. Boom.

And behind, panic. Riders in the gutter, blowing up, gaps open, other riders stuck behind can't get across to a ProTour echelon at full gas. Nobody can.

To their credit, the chasers help the split close for a very long time. They just couldn't quite get it back.

The leaders had the right GC guys, teammates, sprinters... it was perfect and the cooperation was very smooth. Note Sagan dangling at the back, sitting in.

The break didn't last much longer

And the gap started growing as cooperation in the chase dissolved

Sooo close...

At one time there were 6 groups on the road. Lots of guys got shelled.

With Sagan in the winning move, his teammates masterfully disrupted the chase.

Meanwhile everyone kept working up front, except Sagan

Peter wasn't the only one thinking of the finish. Tyler is on Thor's wheel, not by accident

Finally after valiantly chasing their legs off, the pack accepts defeat. They deserve congrats, the mostly domestic guys held the ProTour guys to less than a minute for over 30 miles.

Some pretty amazing tough cool racing up to this point.

And then... it got even better

I thought... "gee who's gonna chase with all the sprinters there?"

I was yelling at the screen... GO JENSIE!!!!!

...oldest guy in the race. I hope the youngsters were taking good notes.

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excellent recap. Nice to see some true tactics come out for this stage. So often, the peloton is content to let a breakaway go, let them dangle out front for 70ish miles, and then reel them in back just in time for the sprinters to take stage honors.
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