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Got some Rudy Kerosenes from Sports Optical w/ clear, rose, and muy dark grey prescription lenses (no inserts, thank you), and they are muy nice. Nice work they done.
Best part is that now, with the Kerosenes on, I accelerate much faster, which I don't understand 'cuz the Kerosenes are non-rotating weight.:rolleyes: Also wif the Kerosenes on, I'm averaging 1mph faster than I wuz before. The Kerosenes must smooth the airflow over my forehead better and prevent the cranial boundary layer from detaching at my nose. The Kerosenes are muy rigid, both in plane and laterally, causing no brake rub, while still being very compliant and giving a very comfortable ride. Before the Kerosenes, I rode w/ 110 psi in my 25mm Maxxis Detonators. Now, wearing the Kerosenes, I can ride w/ the Detonators pumped up to 175psi and have no rolling resistance, while still having a ride that makes the road disappear!

It's amazing what the right pair of glasses will do.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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