Hot wheels for racing and riding seen at Sea Otter

Rolf Prima Ares4 Disc

Rolf Prima Ares4 Disc: $2,500

Eugene, Oregon-based Rolf Prima has a new made-in-the-USA carbon clincher offering for the disc braking crowd - be it road or cyclocross. The Ares4 Disc has internal nipples, a bomb-proof Ti hub body, and it uses a paired spoke design, which they say reduces lateral rim pull, meaning less spokes (and weight) but not less strength. Claimed heft is 1,590 grams.

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Xentis Squad 2.5 SL Xentis Squad 2.5 SL

Xentis Squad 2.5 SL: $2,800

Austria's Xentis (imported to the U.S. by Stage Race Distribution) is testing the laws of physics with these 890-gram carbon tubulars. The 25mm climbing hoops are strung together with high-modulus carbon and have carbon hubs spinning on ceramic bearings. Other features include straight pull spokes, rubberized anti-rattle valve sleeve, and patented braking surface Xentis claims reduces overheating issues. You can even run standard brake pads. They're only making 25s for now, but 42mm, 58mm, 75mm, and a clincher version are in the works.

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American Classic Argent

American Classic Argent Road Tubeless: $1,550

American Classic is embracing (and pushing) the tubeless movement with the Argent, a 1,372-gram 30mm race-ready hoop with a 22mm wide rim, which allows the tire to better blend with the brake track, increasing aero efficiency. Think of it as the airfoil effect without the airfoil. Spoke count is 18 front, 24 rear, but American Classic claims the rear wheel has the strength of a 32-spoke model because of the way it divides spokes between drive side and non-drive side.

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3T Accelero 40 Team

3T Accelero 40 Team: $1,450

Italian wheel builder 3T was showing off its Accelero 40 Team, a sturdy carbon/alloy clincher. Spoke count is 18 front, 24 rear, and the wheel features a multi-system hub body, meaning you can swap between Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo without buying a new hub body. Simply slide on a special lock pin and you're Campy compatible. The Accelero 40 Team comes in 40mm, 60mm and 80mm rim depths. You can also opt for "stealth" logos if you prefer the black-on-black look.

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DT Swiss RC38C db

DT Swiss RC38C db: $2,073

The popular DT Swiss RC38C db has added tubeless ready to its long list of functions. This disc-ready carbon clincher is a true jack of all trades, light enough to tackle long road climbs, but strong enough for the rigors of cyclocross racing.

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