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Under sprinting effort there is an annoying squeaking noise coming from around the bottom bracket..could be pedals or something around there am not sure.This is a bike I had put less than 200 miles on and honnestly I can't recall if it was the same since new or not but it is there now for sure! It is a triple shimano octalink type.

Somebody told me a BB locknut becoming loose could be responsible so I've just checked if anything was visible. I had build up this bike myself but the cranckase got installed and torqued at my LBS it is a TST frame.

So inspecting the BB lockring (not sure I have the right technical word for that part!) but you know that is the lockring found on the opposite side to the chain rings..anyway ,visiually I could perceived a very slight uneveness contact between the ring and the BB itself.So I checked with a thickness gauge and had to concluded that only a cery small section of the BB is actually in contact with the ring itself..maybe only 10 percent of it all and right at the opposite I could slip a .004 inch filler gauge( maybe not at the full depthness though) I guess this is no good at all and maybe my BB needed a machining right at the beginning but the local bike shop not being a whole lot of experimented nest just ignored telling me.I don't own the wrench for thightening these and what I wonder is could it be the lockring just got loose and is now showing such uneaveness and 100% contact could just be redone from just retorquing?

If not this the source of my squeaking what else could I look for down there?

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