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I just recently upgraded from an SRM Amateur to an SRM Professional. I took the SRM wiring harness off my old bike, using the Amateur, and set it up on my second rig (TT bike) to use with the SRM Pro. Yet no dice. Neither the front (speed) or rear (power) sensors pick up a signal.

Two possible causes: 1) Wiring in the connector head has lost good contact (i dont think it is one of the individual wires since they both dont work) or 2) Older (SRM Amateur) cables do not work for some odd reason with newer SRM cranks.

Getting a new senso cable is of course the easy solution, but i would like to race this TT rig with power in a few days. Anyone else experience this, or have some useful advice? Im about ready to rip into the connector head and try to resolve possible cause #2 as a last ditch effort.

thanks for your time,

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