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I am transforming a road bike to SS for my 'city bound' son of 27. He said he didn't want to hassle with gears, so I had a bunch of stuff lying around.
I bought a thingy that hooks on the dropout to take out the slack, as well as an adapter to change to a single cog in the rear. I will use a 42 front ring that I had from an old Shimano crank that still has life to it. The adapter company says that the cog they supply works best with an 8spd chain. BUT, the front ring is probably a 9spd. So, what chain to get? If it is an 8spd front ring, what chain is recommended (inexpensive, but reliable)? If it is a 9spd front ring, what chain do I use? Will the 8 be compatable? Should I just get a new front ring to match the steel 17 they provide?
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