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The parts are coming in slowly for the SS/fixie build. The new wheels with the Suzue flip flop hubs arrived on Tuesday from Excel and they look great. Picked up a NOS 3ttt quill stem off ebay for $1 and a set of used Nitto bars for $10 from the LBS. Bought the saddle from the classifieds on this site.

Still poking around for seatpost (25.8?), bb and cranks, pedals, front brake and levers, and tires. And still trying to decide on the gearing I want to use, probably 42/16 and 42/17 or 18.

The biggest decision I have to make is whether I refinish the frame before I build it up. It's kind of scraped up a bit and needs a little TLC to keep it from rusting. I''ve got the stuff to do it myself, but need to make the time over a weekend or two to tackle it. Otherwise, I might ship it off to a powdercoater.

Still no pictures to post, but everything is just a box of parts right now. I'll post some eventually.

I'm having a lot of fun learning about all this stuff and am looking forward to getting to ride it one day. Thanks to everyone on this board for the inspiration.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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